Process Gas Chromatography

The MAXUM Ed. II is used to measure the chemical composition in gases and evaporable liquids in all stages of production and in all areas of refineries, oil refining, and chemical industries. The device was particularly developed for installation in harsh processing environments, to operate either directly online at the process or nearby.

The MAXUM Edition II offers unique variety

The MAXUM Ed. II is the leading gas chromatograph in the process industry. It is used worldwide and has proven itself by its high degree of precision and reliability in the analysis of gases. We have now combined these excellent features with a simplified handling, culminating in the MAXUM Ed. II type modular oven.
reference video from: SIEMENS
Special analytical tasks require stable temperatures in the oven to optimize separating performance of the components. The requirements for optimum separation performance are met with our two oven types. The airless oven provides extremely stable isothermal temperatures with high control accuracy, completely without the use of air. The airbath oven offers both isothermal and temperature-programmed operation with air supply.
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